Bells and Chimes (Gongs)

Bells come in a festive variety of materials and sounds. Brass, crystal, or gong, they are used in ceremony to signify the start or end of a ritual and are often used to “bring back” the attentions of  participants. Bells and chimes are also used to summon deities, elementals, spirits or wandering souls. They can also be used to make specific times within a ritual or service, along with being used to ward off negativity as sound is considered to have an effect as a purifying tool. In Wiccan magick, it is a symbol of the feminine. In Italy, to this day, bells are usually attached to pets and farm animals for protection.

Bell Branch

A staple tool in druidism, usually this silver branch hosts multiple golden bells. It is said that the sound that emanates from the bells is extremely pleasing to the gods and very offensive to the negative spirits. It is used to summon spirits and deities as well as for purification of space.