Digitalis purpurea

Botanical Name: Digitalis purpurea
Common Name: Foxglove
Folk Names: Fox Bell, good folk or fairy bells, foxes glofa, glove of fox, fairy petticoats, witches bells, witches thimbles
Habitat & Description: Perennial grows in well drained rich neutral to acidic soil, partial shade, also grows on hot sunny banks with protection. Seeds grown in spring will bring flowers up a spike, bell shaped on next growing season. Grows in Well drained soil.
Planetary Ruler: Venus
Gender: Female
Elemental Rule: Air
Parts Used: flower, leaf
Culinary Uses: NONE, DO NOT EAT
Medicinal Uses: used to make heart medication, digoxin
Magickal Uses: to attract fairies, protection from evil

Norwegians’ call it foxbell; Anglo saxtons call it glove of fox,
Grown for its digitalis properties
came from Europe