The Best-known Candle Spell

Candle and flame magic is a grounding moment using fire as the focal. Fire was a living thing to most of human history, not a chemical reaction. Fire was and continues to be something sacred, and it’s definitely powerful. From Bonfires to Candles, Fire has been the force that improved human life for the better. So control of fire is an essential magical tool.

Birthday Candle – The Wish Spell

Gather small candles, one per year of the spell recipients. If age is involved, it can be any representation of their personal age.

Put it on a celebratory food stuff, such as cake, but cupcakes, cookies, anything that is a shared consumable.

With you thought, I wish the recipient “May their wish come true”. And light the candles with that intent.

Put it quickly in front of spell recipient, along with any sing song or vocal chants. Usually Happy Birthday,

You then ask recipient to ‘Make a Wish, and blow out the candles”
We cheer and the ceremonial food stuff is served.

This is a Ritual we know, and yet it is deeply sacred. We have every element of a good spell and ritual. We have the energy source, which is both the candles and the people sharing the circle. Then we have the casters intent, which is to create happiness lighting the candles. The procession is a incantation to further enhance the energy. The Caster does the ask the receipent to accept the spell, and affirmation is by blowing it out. The cakes and ale, the sacrificial gift is then served so all may share in the full cycle of the spell.

So this is as simple and as complex as magic gets. Its either credible mundane and normal, or it’s a sacred ritual buried magic that we all have common ground in. How you interpret this will be able to answer how you feel with magic as being basic and simple.