March – Storm Moon Info

Other Names:Crow Moon, Hrethmonath (Hertha’s Month), Lenting Moon, Lentzinmanoth (Renewal Month), Moon of the Snowblind, Moon of Winds, Plow Moon, Sap Moon, Seed Moon, Worm Moon
Nature Spirits:Mer-people, Air and Water beings who are connected with spring rains and storms
Herbs:Broom, High John, Irish moss, Wood Betony, Yellow Dock
Colors:Pale Green, Red-Violet
Flowers:Daffodil, Jonquil, Violet
Scents:Apple Blossom, Honeysuckle
Stones:Aquamarine, Bloodstone
Trees:Alder, Dogwood
Animals:Boar, Cougar, Hedgehog
Birds:Sea Crow, Sea Eagle
Deities:Artemis, Astarte, Athene, Black Isis, Cybele, Hecate, Luna, Minerva, the Morrigan
Power Flow:Energy breaks into the open; growing, prospering, exploring. New beginnings; balance of Light and Dark. Breaking illusions. Seeing the truth in your life however much it may hurt.