December – Cold Moon

Other Names:Aerra Geola (Month Before Yule), Big Winter Moon, Heilagmanoth (Holy Month), Long Night’s Moon, Moon of Long Nights, Moon of Popping Trees, Oak Moon, Wintermonat (Winter Month), Wolf Moon
Nature Spirits:Snow Faeries, Storm Faeries, Winter Tree Faeries
Herbs:English Ivy, Fir, Holly, Mistletoe
Colors:Black, Blood Red, White
Flowers:Christmas Cactus, Holly, Poinsettia
Scents:Frankincense, Lilac, Myrrh, Patchouli, Rose Geranium, Violet
Stones:Jacinth, Peridot, Serpentine
Trees:Fir, Holly, Pine
Animals:Bear, Deer, Horse, Mouse
Birds:Robin, Rook, Snowy Owl
Deities:Athene, Fates, Hathor, Hecate, Ixchel, Minerva, Neith, Norns, Osiris
Power Flow:To endure, die, be reborn; Earth tides turning. Darkness. Personal alchemy. Spiritual paths. Reach out to friends and family, the lonely and needy.