Burning Desire/ Burning Negativity

Ingredients, Candle, fire source, burn dish, writing utensil and burnable paper or organic material.
Step 1: Set up your candle, as you do so, you simply pass hands over the candle over and over. As you do so, focus it to be your flame of awareness. You can see it in many ways, and each tradition and practice has ways they focus and enhance the experience. Today I ask you to see it as Awareness.
Step 2: Once the candle is set, take your burning paper. This can be a Bay leaf. It can be a piece of bark. I have used flash paper to great effect. Once you have this imbide it with you will. Simply focus your mind to the item before you.
Step 3: Set intent of either (a) Banishing a negativity or (b) Burning Desire. Light the Candle
Step 4a: As you focus, write down that which you want to remove, banish, exorcise, or otherwise want the bond broken. Visualize it pouring into this. You can visual a athame or scissors to cut away at the cords.
Step 4b: Send forth all your hope and blessed energy, feel the energy of spirit pour through you, and write down that which you desire. Make yourself feel that desire, write it down.
Step 5: Focus and burn the message. Putting it into burning dish, until it consumed.
Step 6: Thank the candle, and snuff it. This candle can be used again and again for this ritual.
Step 7: Either store ashes (for later purposes) or send them into the wind.
Now simply record the spell in your Book of Shadows and be patient.