Fire is one of the five elements in Wiccan tradition and holds a significant place in Wiccan symbolism and ritual. Fire is associated with energy, transformation, and purification. In Wicca, the element of fire represents the transformative power of the goddess and the god, which can bring about change and renewal.

In Wiccan belief, fire is seen as the most active and dynamic of the elements, representing the life-giving energy of the sun and the divine spark within every individual. Fire is also seen as the element of will, passion, and inspiration, fueling the creative force within each person. When working with the element of fire, Wiccans aim to tap into this inner flame and harness its transformative power to bring about change in their lives.

Fire is also associated with the south, the direction of the sun and of life-giving energy. In Wiccan ritual, the south is often associated with the element of fire, and rituals and spells may be performed facing the south or with candles or other sources of fire placed in the southern part of the ritual space.

In Wiccan ritual, fire is often used for purification, both of individuals and of the ritual space itself. This purification may take the form of smudging with sage or other herbs, or by passing objects or individuals through the smoke of burning incense. The heat and light of the fire is also believed to help dispel negative energy and promote spiritual growth and renewal.

Fire is also used in Wiccan spells and rituals for manifestation, helping to focus the will and bring about desired change. This may involve lighting candles or incense in specific colors to represent different aspects of the spell, such as red for passion or orange for creativity. The use of fire in spellwork is believed to help the spell-caster tap into the transformative power of the element and bring their desires into reality.

In Wiccan tradition, fire is also associated with the summer solstice, a time of year when the sun is at its highest point in the sky and the days are longest. This is seen as a time of peak energy and power, and many Wiccans choose to celebrate the solstice with bonfires, candlelit rituals, or other ceremonies that involve the element of fire.

In addition to its symbolic and ritualistic uses, fire is also a central aspect of Wiccan ethics and spirituality. Wiccans believe in the importance of living in balance with the elements, including fire. This means being mindful of the impact that fire has on the environment and other living beings, and using it in ways that are responsible and sustainable.

· Gender: Masculine
· Charge: Positive
· Energy: Active
· Qualities: energetic; transformative; purifying
· Aspects: passion; will; courage

· Attributes: Positive: action-oriented, courageous, eager, enthusiastic, exciting, impulsive, independent, optimistic, quick, spontaneous, tenacious, vivacious Negative: angry, abrupt, consuming, domineering, egocentric, excessive, hot-tempered, impatient, overbearing, overwhelming

· Day of the Week: Sunday, Tuesday
· Direction: South
· Locations: deserts, volcanos
· Sabbats: Beltane, Litha
· Time of day: Midday (true noon)
· Time of Life: young adulthood
· Time of the year: Summer
· Wind: Notus
· Witch’s Pyramid: To Dare

· Body parts: genitals, heart, intestines, liver, stomach
· Bodily functions: digestion, sex, metabolism, regurgitation, smoking
· Colors: red, orange, gold
· Incense: cinnamon, dragon’s blood
· Instruments: brass instruments
· Occupations: alchemists, assassins, athletes, electricians, firefighters, fire dancers, lion tamers, martial artists, nuclear physicists, pyro technicians, smiths, warriors, welders
· Sense: sight

· Herbs: allspice, basil, bloodroot, cactus, carnation, bay, capsicum, cinnamon, clove, cinquefoil, copal, coriander, cumin, curry, dill, dragon’s blood, fennel, flax, frankincense, galangal, ginger, ginseng, High John the Conqueror, holly, hyssop, juniper, lime, marigold, nutmeg, orange, pennyroyal, pomegranate, rosemary, saffron, sunflower, St. John’s wort, tobacco, Venus flytrap
· Metals: gold, brass, steel, iron
· Minerals: red agates, amber, apache tear, asbestos, bloodstone, carnelian, citrine, quartz, obsidian, onyx, sand, rhodochrosite, tiger‘s eye, tourmaline, zircon
· Runes: Fehu, Thurisaz, Kenaz, Nied, Sigel, Dagaz
· Tarot: Suit of Wands; all kings; the Emperor; Strength; Temperance; the Tower; the Sun; Judgement
· Wiccan tools: wand; staff; candles; any fires
· Zodiac: Aries(cardinal); Leo (fixed); Sagittarius (mutable)

· Animals: lions, felines, fireflies, glow worms, horses, rams, lizards, fire ants
· Elemental Beings: salamanders
· Gods: Annu, Ares, Balor, Baldor, Belanos, Frey, Hephaestus, Horus, Loki, Lucifer, Lugh, Marduk, Mars, Ra, Set, Shiva, Sol, Thor, Vulcan
· Goddesses: Amerterasu, Amat, Atlanta, Bast, Brigit, Eris, Freya, Hestia, Kali, Lilith, Nemisis, Pele, Selket, Shatki, Sunna, Vesta
· Mythical Creatures: chimeras, dragons, phoenix