The Airts

One of the most fundamental aspects of Wiccan thought is the importance of the four AIRTS (pronounced; “eights”).

The four Airts, or Quarters, are the guardians of the MAGIC CIRCLE. They can be visualized in abstract form, or personified as GUARDIANS, or personal Deities for the Quarters.
The Airts represent the totality of all existence, and the furthest extent of being. The Airts correspond to the four DIRECTIONS and the four ELEMENTS. The Airts represent the totality of all existence, and the furthest extent of being.

The Airts are invoked at the beginning of almost every major Wiccan ceremony. By invoking the four Airts we symbolize our connection to all things which exist.

Quarter Calls

The airts are generally called in a deosil (clockwise) order round the circle beginning at the east, and are dismissed in reverse working tuathil (anti-clockwise) from north to east.
There are generally 5 points that should be included when writing a quarter call. These are:

  1. Addressing the spirit being invoked by its name (Guardian of the element of Air)
  2. Praising the spirit (spirit of the early dawn and springtime)
  3. Mentioning its qualities (source of inspiration)
  4. Requesting its presence – it is important to be polite (I ask you to join in this ritual and share your powers)
  5. Welcoming (Hail and welcome)

Closing the quarters at the end of ritual is a very important process that must not be forgotten as it begins the process of grounding the excess energy raised and is a sign of respect to the invoked spirits. Here again, there are several stages:

  1. Addressing the spirit (Guardian of Air)
  2. Thanking (we thank you for joining our ritual and sharing your powers)
  3. A statement reflecting the qualities of the element (as the winds of change bring healing)
  4. Giving the option to stay or leave – it is rude to tell them to simply go (go if you wish, harm none*, but know you are welcome to stay)
  5. The final farewell (we bid you hail and farewell!)


EastAirYellowDawn, Spring, youth, the Maiden Goddess, the Young God, thought and beginnings of all sorts.
SouthFireRedNoon, Summer, adulthood, the Mother, the Sun King, manifestation and action.
WestWaterBlueDusk, Fall/Harvest, parenthood, the Queen, the Judge, emotion and reaction.
NorthEarthGreenNight, Winter, old age, the Crone, the Sorcerer, wisdom and integration.