Incense represents the element of Air.
Incense may be of any sort -stick, cone, oil, or powder. Commercially made incense can be found in almost any grocery or mainstream general store in the form of cones or sticks.
Incense has many uses from purification by smudging, to offerings to deity, to enticing deities, elementals or spirits, to making use of the magickal properties that the incense used imparts. in some rituals you may have to pick the incense up -so choose an incense or an incense burner which allows for this. With stick incense lifting is no problem, and it is easy to light -hence its popularity. If you are going to use cone or powdered incense you will want to use either a standing incense burner, or a hanging THURIBLE on a chain.

If you’re sensitive to smoke there are also non-combustible forms of incense, notably essential oil.

On The Altar
You will want to place the incense to the right of your altar.