Altar Geomancy

Altar Geomancy helps us answer the questions of ‘where to put your altar’ and ‘ how to lay out your altar.

Geomancy is the art of reading the Earth’s energies and aligning ourselves and our works to them.
The main principles of western Geomancy are exemplified by the Magic Circle. Briefly, the direction of East is creativity and new beginnings. South is action and manifestation. West is emotion and the subconscious. North is wisdom. Everything that is Above or goes to the right (DEOSIL) is connected to the God, to matter, and to physical manifestation. Everything that is Below or that goes to the left (TUATHAIL, or “Widdershins”) is connected to the Goddess, to spirit, and to cleansing. Aligning our altar with these directions can help to add to your workings, but in many cases your altar placement may be limited to the room and available space.

When laying out your altar, geomancy again can be taken into account.
The right side of the altar is warm. It is associated with the God, the Sun, Day, physical energy, and the elements of Air and Fire.
The left side of the altar is cool. It is associated with the Goddess, the Moon and Stars, spiritual energy and magic, and with the elements of Water and Earth.
The middle of the altar is associated with Spirit, or Primeval Deity, Who is within both Goddess and God, as well as all other things.
The back part of this middle area is associated with Primeval Deity, that aspect of the Goddess that existed before the creation of the God, and might be described as the Higher Self of the Universe.
The front part of the middle space represents spiritual energy manifesting in the physical world – the union of Goddess and God in the ongoing process of creation. This is where your magical working will be done. This area is normally left empty when work is not being done.