Gender: Masculine Charge: Positive Energy: Active Qualities: energetic; transformative; purifying Aspects: passion; will; courage

Attributes: Positive: action-oriented, courageous, eager, enthusiastic, exciting, impulsive, independent, optimistic, quick, spontaneous, tenacious, vivacious Negative: angry, abrupt, consuming, domineering, egocentric, excessive, hot-tempered, impatient, overbearing, overwhelming

Aligned With: Day of the Week: Sunday, Tuesday Direction: South Locations: deserts, volcanos Sabbats: Beltane, Litha Time of day: Midday (true noon) Time of Life: young adulthood Time of the year: Summer Wind: Notus Witch’s Pyramid: To Dare

Ruling over: Body parts: genitals, heart, intestines, liver, stomach Bodily functions: digestion, sex, metabolism, regurgitation, smoking Colors: red, orange, gold Incense: cinnamon, dragon’s blood Instruments: brass instruments Occupations: alchemists, assassins, athletes, electricians, firefighters, fire dancers, lion tamers, martial artists, nuclear physicists, pyro technicians, smiths, warriors, welders Sense: sight

Corresponding to: Herbs: allspice, basil, bloodroot, cactus, carnation, bay, capsicum, cinnamon, clove, cinquefoil, copal, coriander, cumin, curry, dill, dragon’s blood, fennel, flax, frankincense, galangal, ginger, ginseng, High John the Conqueror, holly, hyssop, juniper, lime, marigold, nutmeg, orange, pennyroyal, pomegranate, rosemary, saffron, sunflower, St. John’s wort, tobacco, Venus flytrap Metals: gold, brass, steel, iron Minerals: red agates, amber, apache tear, asbestos, bloodstone, carnelian, citrine, quartz, obsidian, onyx, sand, rhodochrosite, tiger‘s eye, tourmaline, zircon Runes: Fehu, Thurisaz, Kenaz, Nied, Sigel, Dagaz Tarot: Suit of Wands; all kings; the Emperor; Strength; Temperance; the Tower; the Sun; Judgement Wiccan tools: wand; staff; candles; any fires Zodiac: Aries(cardinal); Leo (fixed); Sagittarius (mutable)

Associated With: Animals: lions, felines, fireflies, glow worms, horses, rams, lizards, fire ants Elemental Beings: salamanders Gods: Annu, Ares, Balor, Baldor, Belanos, Frey, Hephaestus, Horus, Loki, Lucifer, Lugh, Marduk, Mars, Ra, Set, Shiva, Sol, Thor, Vulcan Goddesses: Amerterasu, Amat, Atlanta, Bast, Brigit, Eris, Freya, Hestia, Kali, Lilith, Nemisis, Pele, Selket, Shatki, Sunna, Vesta Mythical Creatures: chimeras, dragons, phoenix