Visualization is a very important magical technique. In magic our goal is to focus our energy very strongly toward the thing we want to bring about. When you visualize something, you imagine it very strongly, picturing it very clearly. When you first try visualizing, you may have to close your eyes and try very hard. It gets easier with practice, and later you will be able to do it with your eyes open. When you visualize something, try to see it as clearly and strongly as you possibly can, a 3-D image – just as if you were looking at a physical object.

Random Dot Stereograms

The Random Dot Stereogram is a great practice in visualization and relaxing the mind in order to receive information projected in alternative ways. All wizards should be able to quickly view Random Dot Stereograms, look away and be able to review the image quickly after looking back and move their eyes on the image without losing it.