Visualization is an very important magickal tool for many Wiccans because it can help to focus the mind, deepen one’s spiritual practice, and strengthen the connection with the divine.

In Wicca, visualization is often used in rituals and spells to help manifest one’s intentions. By picturing a desired outcome in the mind’s eye, the Wiccan can harness the power of the imagination and the subconscious to bring about positive change in their life. For example, a Wiccan might visualize themselves surrounded by a protective bubble of energy before performing a ritual, or they might visualize their desired outcome while casting a spell.

Visualization can also be used in meditation to deepen one’s spiritual connection and explore the inner landscape of the mind. By visualizing symbols, deities, or other spiritual beings, the Wiccan can access higher states of consciousness and gain insight into the mysteries of the universe.

When you first try visualizing, you may have to close your eyes and try very hard. It gets easier with practice, and later you will be able to do it with your eyes open. When you visualize something, try to see it as clearly and strongly as you possibly can, a 3-D image – just as if you were looking at a physical object.
Once you have a grasp on Meditation, it is time to start practicing visualization.

Random Dot Stereograms

The Random Dot Stereogram is a great practice in visualization and relaxing the mind in order to receive information projected in alternative ways. All wizards should be able to quickly view Random Dot Stereograms, look away and be able to review the image quickly after looking back and move their eyes on the image without losing it.

Exercise: Random Dot Stereograms
Find a number of Random Dot Stereograms on the internet and practicing viewing them until you can see the hidden image as quickly as possible. Once you can easily see the hidden picture, find Animated Random Dot Stereograms and practice with those.

Moving Colors

Once you have mastered the previous exercise it’s time to start working with colors.

Exercise: Moving Colors

This is the foundation of learning how to move power in and out of your
body. The advanced technique begins here. First you learn how to move color in and out of your body; then you learn how to trigger the regeneration
and cleaning of your inner energies.
You are going to work with three colors, red/left, blue/central, and

Starting with the right side, block your left nostril by pressing against
it with your left index finger. Breathe in through your right nostril and as
you breathe in, imagine the right side of your body filling with white smoke.
Breathe out through your mouth and imagine that you are breathing out white smoke.
Breathe in white, breathe out white. Repeat this whole sequence three times.

Now press on your right nostril with your right index finger and
breathe in through your left nostril. Imagine you are breathing in red smoke
that fills the left side of your body and breathing out red smoke through
your mouth. Repeat this three times.

Place your hands on your lap and breathe in through both nostrils, imagining
that you are breathing in blue smoke that fills the canter-line down your body
from head to toe, and breathing out blue smoke from your mouth. Repeat this three times.

Once you have finished, sit quietly and imagine the blue channel flowing down
through your canter, the white channel flowing down the right side of your body, and the
red channel flowing down the left hand side of your body.
Spend some time just sitting and being aware of the three colors flowing in your body.
Finally, spend a little time sitting quietly and allowing the mind to silence itself.
If you find yourself remembering things or thinking about things, just gently stop
thinking about them and return to silence.

End your session with the stretch and bow outlined in the first meditation exercise.