Welcome to the new All Things Wicca

As many of my long time followers may know, I have a special section here on Hacker Labs – The Geek and Otaku Blog Called All Things Wicca.
All Things Wicca started out as a small, personal wiki that I mainly used to keep notes with. I then later paired up with my wife to spin it off as it’s own site, which is when it was renamed to All Things Wicca. A couple of years ago I shut down he independent site and moved all the content back to Hacker Labs in order to simply management of everything as my interest in studying wicca was waning in light of other things happening in my life.

Recently I have decided to refocus on my studies and as a result I will be spinning All Things Wicca off into it’s own website (again). As of today the new website is online at https://wicca.hackerlabs.net. I have moved my main book of Shadows over, however the old wicca related blog posts that are currently on Hacker Labs – The Geek and Otaku Blog will not be moved over.
I will also be publishing a all new version of the All Things Wicca android app soon.

Will the refocus on my studies has also come some soul searching and some decisions about how I am going to handle my studies had to be made. My issue is that while i have been involved in the craft for over a decade at this point (I started in 2002), I feel that in many ways I’m still just a beginner.
The biggest issue for me has been my studies have been inconsistent. In the past I would regularly start and stop my studies and would regularly change or use multiple sources which made things confusing and more complicated then they needed to be. I will be trying to focus on one source for my studies at a time and will try to post here on All Things Wicca at least once a week. I am acknowledging the fact that I an still, in many ways a beginner, and will be running this site from that perspective.

Author: Jedite83